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Served all day


Soup to go (2,5) with Spelt Bread (1,14) €4.00


Seafood Chowder €7.50

(2,5,7,8) (allow 8 mins)



Bread Choice – Spelt (1), Ciabatta (1,4,9,12), White Loaf (1,4,9,12), Wrap (1) or Gluten Free


Meatball sandwich €6.90

on homemade bread with tomato sauce and Mozzerella Cheese (1,2)


Super Food Wrap €6.50


With Chicken €7.50


Pulled Pork €7.00

Coleslaw, Garlic Mayo, Cos (3)


Falafel Wrap €6.50

Tomato, rocket, red onion, garlic mayo and sweet chili sauce (1,2,3,13)


Chicken Caesar €5.90

Cos Leaves, House Dressing, Pumpkin Seeds, Bacon,Parmesan (2,3,13)


Bacon & Pork & Herb Sausage €6.50

on Ciabatta with a Tomato Relish (1,2,4,9,12,13)


Chip Buttie with Bacon €6.00

Cheese & Garlic Aiola on Ciabatta (1,2,3,4,9,12)

Add Chicken €7.00


Piri Piri Chicken €6.50

mozzarella cheese, rocket with a red pepper and tomato relish




Chicken Caesar Salad €8.00

Cos, Crispy Bacon, Pumpkin Seeds, Parmesan& Homemade dressing (2,3,13)


Warm Potato Salad €9.00

with Black Pudding, Bacon Lardons, Asparagus, Herb Baby Potatoes, Poached Egg, Red Peppers, Parmesan, Lemon Oil (1,2,3)


Superfood Salad €7.50

(2,3,4,6,13) with Chicken or Falafel Balls (1) €9.00


Pods Chicken Salad €9.00

with Cherry Tomatoes, Warm Baby Potatoes, Mozzerella, Green Beans, Red Onions, Organic Leaves, Pumkin Seeds, Lemon Oil (2)


Bulgur Wheat Salad with Roast Cashew Nuts €7.50

Peas,  Sweet potato, Kidney Beans,  Spring Onion, Baby Spinach, Chickpeas, Green Beans (1,4)

With Sauté Shrimps €9.50(7)

Or Chicken €9.00


Pods Superfood Salad €7.50

Quinoa, Goat Cheese, Beetroot, Pomegranate,  Organic Leaves & a Zesty Orange &   Citrus Dressing

Add Chicken €9.00




Piri Piri Chicken and Giant Cous Cous €9.00

cumin roast sweet potato, red pepper, grapes, tabbouleh and tzatziki


Vp Burger with Crispy Bacon €9.00

Cheddar Cheese, Lettuce & Tomato (1,2,3,4,9,12,13)


Spicy Burrito €8.00

Melted Cheese, Chive Crème Fraiche (1,2)


Chicken & Mushrooms Risotto €10.90

with Truffle Oil, Parmesan Shavings (GF) (2)


Homemade Lasagne €10.90

with Garlic Bread (1,2,4)


Fusilli Pasta with Chicken €9.90

Peas, Red Peppers, Rosemary & Garlic Cream (1,2)


Fusilli Pasta with Shrimps €10.90

Mushrooms Chilli & Garlic Tomato Sauce (1,7)


Fusilli Al’Arrabiata €7.90

Oven Roasted Tomato, Chili & Garlic (1)


Food Allergens: 1-Gluten; 2-Milk; 3-Eggs; 4-Nuts; 5-Celery; 6-Mustard; 7-Crustaceans; 8-Fish; 9-Soybeans; 10-Peanuts; 11-Molluscs;12-Sesame Seeds; 13- Sulphur Dioxide; 14- Lupen




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The Vanilla Pod Eatery interior photo