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Served all day




Mini Lemonade or Raspberry Lemonade €2.20


Mini Orange Juice or Apple Juice €2.20


Ribena €2.00


Innocent pure Fruit Smoothie €2.50


BabyChino or Steamed Milk with Chocolate & Marshmallows €1.50


BREAKFAST (under 12’s only)


Available from 9am – 11.30am Monday to Friday;

Weekends 9am on Saturday & 10am on Sunday


Sausage & Toast (1,9,13) €4.90


Bacon & Toast (1) €4.90


Eggs €4.90

Poached, Fried or Scrambled (2,3) & Toast(1,3)


Mini French toast €5.50

with Bacon & Organic Maple Syrup (1,3)


Mini Pancakes €5.50

with Bacon & Organic Maple Syrup (1,2,3)


LUNCH (Under 12’s only)


Grilled Chicken €5.90

with Shoestring Fries (1)


Sausage with Fries €5.90

or Sauté Potato (1,13 )


Green Vegetables €4.90

with Sauté Potato (13)


Beef Burger €6.90

Cheddar Cheese& Fries (1,2,9,12,13)


Toasted Ham & Cheese Sandwich €6.00

with fries (1,2)




Daily Pasta €6.00

Chicken or Ham with Tomato or Parmesan Cream (1,2)


Mini Margherita €5.90

(1,2) with a choice of Toppings

Add Toppings 50c each




Vanilla Ice cream €3.90

Rainbow Sprinkles, Raspberry Sauce & a Chocolate Flake (2,4)


Food Allergens: 1-Gluten; 2-Milk; 3-Eggs; 4-Nuts; 5-Celery; 6-Mustard; 7-Crustaceans; 8-Fish; 9-Soybeans; 10-Peanuts; 11-Molluscs; 12-Sesame Seeds; 13- Sulphur Dioxide; 14- Lupen


The Vanilla Pod Eatery interior photo
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The Vanilla Pod Eatery interior photo